Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Visual Artist

Initial thought y Darlin Quiroz.

Find a vulnerable one. Find a photogenic one. Find a pretty girl and make her fall in love with you. Take pictures of her looking innocent and in love. Leave when your portfolio is done. 

Take polaroids of her while she sleeps, kiss her as if she's the sunrise in the morning. Capture all the seconds you see her falling in love with you. Make art with her smile. Use her body, use her gestures, use her mannerisms. Tarnish her innocence and put it in an exhibition. Capture her eyes, capture her essence, capture her to the core. Exploit the way she loves you, make use of the way she looks at you, then put it on display. Let her love you the way you love your camera.

Make it known to your viewer you capture all genres. Make your portfolio interesting. Photograph her laugh in black and white. Photograph her rosy cheeks as you play with her hair. Photograph the hurt on her face in full colors when you tell her that you can't do this anymore. Make sure the quality is of the finest when she's in a million pieces. Make sure you get the moment you truly destroy her, the moment you shatter any hope she had in the concept of love. Catch the glint in her eye when she realizes that she was never close to being your sun, that she never even had the luxury to be a part of your solar system. Don't just let it be known that you can capture love ; prove to your viewer that you are diverse.

Make sure to have photographic evidence of what you did to her. Make sure to dismantle her very being on film. Make sure the portrait of her grin matches the one of her agony. Let it be known to your audience that in actuality you are selfish. That your cosmos have no stars and that the ice has frozen over your sun millennia ago. That you are as hollow as your self portraits make you out to be. Let it be known that your photographs will have much more variety of emotions than you'll ever have. Let the world know that you're willing to make someone as vacant as you, just for your art. As vacant as your bed when you sleep at night, her warmth and unconditional comfort no longer there, yet her face grace your empty walls.

 When it's all over and it's all been said, she finally comes to your show. She sees herself at your gallery with her tears on sale and her affectionate eyes presented to the public. Don't forget to credit her torment. Don't forget to credit her love. But of course, credit yourself too. You caused the void in her heart and the war in her mind. You teared her spirit apart. Isn't it your work after all?

Congratulations to you, the visual artist : you get all the credit for breaking yet another heart. 

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