Friday, March 4, 2016

Sixteen Lines

Sixteen Lines is a story poem about a cocaine addict who falls in love with a succubus.


He thinks he's made of glass, but really he's made out of paper.
Everyone knows his sorrows and woes, everyone knows how his system works and goes. Yet at the same time he's a mystery, a walking paradox, a box of contradiction.
A suburb house in the big city. 

He meets this girl, he thinks she's pretty. 

He wants to be saved but has no savior. He doesn't understand that in this world you have to be your own hero. He chose to be the prince in distress, and found his "knight in shining armor" in a form of a lie. She sucked out his essence, absorbed his life, all with a smile on her face. It was okay for him though, he had made her smile. She had such false grace. 

She helps him out of his problems temporarily, destroying his demons for a short period of time.

He can't help but love her so, he doesn't want to wake up to the truth.
She hid the water he needed, she hid the honesty behind her back when he was dying of dehydration, when he was dying of thirst, when he needed to hear the truth the most even though it hurt. 
He's stuck on the lie, he's barely holding on and trying to survive.
He's lost himself in his infatuation and fascination with her, while she gives him just enough to keep him awake, just enough to keep him alive.

She comes into his life out of nowhere like a bright omen, being the enigma she is, she takes control of him. If only he knew the evils she had, he would have refused.

But it's okay though, he knows he's being used.

He thinks he can handle it, he thinks he's strong, he thinks he's made of glass.
But really it's paper, and with sixteen lines I can prove it, it's a fact,


Dedicated to L.K

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